Self Reliance Achieved

This is Ronnie Kyambadde, Project Manager and newly appointed Board Member of Reach the Children Uganda, surveying his farmland. He and his family are self-sufficient in fruit and vegetables, and during his last harvest Ronnie was able to take his cash crops of 4,000 cabbages and 20 boxes of 200 kg of tomatoes to market and sell them at a profit. His next crop of tomatoes is developing nicely and in an adjacent field he has planted maize.

In addition to his work with RTC U and his farm, Ronnie and his wife are parents to their three year old daughter, and he is building their own family home. We are fortunate to have Ronnie and his many skills working with Reach the Children UK to improve the lives of children living in the rural environment in Uganda.

Check our website from time to time to find out how Ronnie is progressing with his work with RTC U, his farming enterprise and his new home.