SELF RELIANCE ACHIEVED – an update on Ronnie, our man in Uganda

The crop of maize that Ronnie planted earlier in the year has now been harvested and together with the latest supply of bricks that Ronnie made, they have been able to build up their house to the next level. Ronnie tells us “I think for now we are going to leave it there for a while as we try to plant more crops. Where we had tomatoes we are going to plant maize and where maize was we will plant tomatoes. Our clay bricks will be slow this time round because it’s raining heavily and our road are muddy.”

Ronnie has great skills that he uses to help his family, but he also brings them to his role as Project Manager for Reach the Children Uganda.  We are fortunate to have Ronnie working with Reach the Children UK to improve the lives of children living in the rural environment in Uganda.

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