School Children First Responders provide first aid in village accidents

Hospital or clinic support is rarely readily available in rural situations. Reach the Children UK taught basic first aid to Primary school children for many years. Siblings are frequently first responders to accidents to their charges. Under the direction of a qualified UK nurse children are shown how to treat burns – difficult when you don’t have access to sterile dressings – but we also show how you can be creative with what you have around you. Educating students and teachers about the causes and true nature of epileptic-type fits, and helping them to manage someone having a fit, will change the perception of this particular problem, allaying cultural fears around epilepsy and convulsions enables sufferers to be appropriately cared for.

Children are taught CPR together with how to prevent choking. The school children value these sessions and are keen to listen and learn. These simple concepts enhance the wellbeing of children and improve hygiene, changing their lives for the better. Volunteers with Reach the Children UK are extraordinary people with an amazing ability to share their skills with the school children who are hungry for knowledge and eager to apply it to their daily lives. One of our volunteers, a retired senior nurse, loves being able to pass on information to young people that could actually help them to save lives. Interested in becoming a volunteer and joining a Reach the Children UK volunteer expedition? Contact us to register your interest and we will send you details of volunteer opportunities available in 2018.

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