Saving the planet one container at a time

Experimental Garden

This is the Reach the Children Kenya experimental garden next to its maize production mill facility. Justus Suchi has a passion for improving the variety of locally grown food to provide better nourishment to children and families in the community. His irrepressible desire to better the lives of impoverished rural children has developed initiatives from donating calves, (there is now a substantial dairy herd in Western Kenya where the Government intends to provide dairy production facilities), to developing groundnut schemes and making peanut butter as a rich supplement in children’s diets. We know his enthusiasm is contagious and he is well known in his local community for his lectures and demonstrations of container gardens. This not only helps to provide home grown food in crowded slum conditions but also finds a useful outlet for discarded plastic containers. So growing greens and being environmentally green is another benefit of working with Reach the Children! To find out more about what he can do to help your communities, contact

Justus Suchi, Reach the Children Kenya Country Director.

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