Rainwater Harvesting

Water is the most precious commodity, essential for life and no one can live without it. We consume it, clean our food with it, cook our meals with it, wash our dishes with it, bathe and shower our bodies in it, wash our clothes in it, clean our homes with it, water our gardens with it. It is more valuable to us than a gold bar. Access to it is a basic human right. In arid areas of Africa Reach the Children UK have installed guttering to the roofs of buildings which transfer the rainwater to large storage tanks.  They are filled during the rainy season and provide water for a period of time to schools and villages during arid conditions. The provision of water enables basic hygiene to be maintained, washing oneself, cleaning cooking utensils and eating plates, washing hands after using the latrine.  All this adds to a healthier, hygienically friendly environment. A 10,000 litre water storage tank can transform a rural school, improving class attendance and reducing sickness due to poor hygiene regimes and lack of basic sanitation. All of this can be achieved with an adequate source of water.