Providing football kits for impoverished kids teams in rural Uganda.

We have been working with two fantastic charities this year to collect football kits, balls, pumps, and ref sets for young teams in rural Uganda.

When our founder, Ray, and Trustee, Hannah, last visited Uganda to check on the progress of the Grandmas Gardens project and meet local organisations, they took with them suitcases full of football equipment to donate.

The UK team football kits were donated by sports charity Kit Aid, and the brand-new strips were printed by Laura at Kids in Action. Kids in Action are a wonderful charity based in Dunstable, Bedfordshire. They work with young people and children with disabilities to provide support and opportunities, including the chance to get involved with fun charitable projects like collecting football kits and balls for African children in need.

Thanks to the Junior Rotary group we will be going back to Uganda in early 2023 with even more footballs, pumps, red/yellow cards, and referees’ whistles.

We need all the support we can get to raise the money and collections to get the kit to the children who want to play football. The children play barefoot and can often be seen using rolled-up plastic bags tied with string as footballs. By providing the right equipment for amateur teams we can help give the opportunity to children who want to pursue a sporting dream, or simply need some time-out from day-to-day challenges.

Visit our ‘Get Involved’ page to donate and help us reach even more sports groups. If you would like to collaborate with us then please drop us an email ( or message us on social media!

Back of a football team showing their t-shirts which are red and printed with numbers. Two rows with the front row squatting down and the middle player is wearing green.

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