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Project Description

Uganda School for the Deaf

Back in 2012 Reach the Children UK read an article about the Clinton Global fund and its sponsorship of the Starkey Hearing Foundation of the USA. Contact was made and a flourishing partnership emerged. Starkey had already flown a mission to Uganda to provide free hearing aids to hearing impaired children, including 30 from YOPDIDA, who now have a place in the hearing world. Many children in rural areas with hearing loss are to be considered to be deaf, but Starkey confirms that 95% can have hearing improvement with a hearing aid. The Starkey Hearing Foundation provides over 100,000 hearing aids free to children and young people in impoverished counties around the globe. Reach the Children UK is proud to be associated with The Starkey Foundation to make the world a better place for the hearing impaired. Imagine the joy and excitement of being ushered into the hearing world for the first time, the wind in the trees, the bird song, a dog barking, a mother calling her children.

Jackson Mbuusi, a UK trained audiologist, is the head at Uganda School for the Deaf in Ntinda, Kampala, Uganda and works tirelessly to provide a better life for the children some of whom are blind as well as deaf.