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Project Description

  • Five women and a baby stand in a rural African pineapple field holding their recently harvested fruits and smiling.
  • A mound of pineapple suckers (baby plants) ready to be planted in the field for our Grandmas Gardens project
  • A group of Grandmas with soap and envelopes, gifted to them by the volunteers in Uganda as an Easter present.
  • A fresh pineapple on the steps where the grandmas and volunteers prepare their harvest.

Grandmas Gardens is our latest social enterprise project all about supporting communities to farm their own marketable produce to bring in an income.
It all began with Jackie Atim, a young graduate agronomist, who shared the idea of this project with a group of widowed Grandmas near Luwero, Uganda. During the devastating civil war many women had been made widows with lots of children to feed. In their impoverished condition, many Grandmas had to scrape out a meagre living from patches of land around their houses to feed their grandchildren whose parents had died. Socio-economic pressures caused a generational gap that left many households stricken with poverty and unable to help themselves to provide regular income. Many Grandmas have been given land, seeds, tools and guidance from Jackie, helping them to know how best to cultivate and harvest good yields of food to eat.
Now they have crops ready to harvest and sell fresh on the market. With the new fruit drying factory we are helping to build for this community, they will soon have the opportunity to dry pineapples and sell them as healthy snacks. Keep your eyes peeled to find out more about this delicious dried pineapple that will soon be on the market in the UK!
Visit our YouTube channel to find out more and hear from some of our incredible grandmas:

Project Details