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Project Description

Spring Protection

Changing a muddy pond laden with mosquito larvae, heavy with animal faecal matter and dangerous bacterium can be done for about $1,500 per spring. The design is well tested and the filtered water is safe to drink and use in cooking and all other household needs. The construction is carried out by local tradesmen using local techniques with local materials.  This keeps the funds in the local economy, thus benefitting the wider community. The provision of a clean spring acts as a magnet, bringing together the children of several villages, increasing the water usage from before the filtering of the spring. The benefits are wider, from a decreased incidence of illness and disease caused by water borne diseases; providing a certain source of clean water, alleviating the need to find a water source, a task that is frequently left to young girls, who then lose valuable school time; Clothes are washed in clean water, reducing the bacterial load from contaminated water sources.