Namina Pit Latrine

Improved water and sanitation services are a key priority in the Uganda National Development Plan. The United Nations has also identified water and sanitation as a priority by designating it as one of their millennium development goals. Since 2001 responsibilities for hygiene and sanitation have been devolved between health, water and education departments which has resulted in the fragmentation of budgets. Inadequate funding due to competing demands within the education department has further aggravated the situation.

Reach the Children therefore embarked on a major water and sanitation project with the aim of having a healthy and high performing school population through accessing safe drinking water, improving on hygiene and providing effective sanitation. Under this program, RTC UK looked at projects such as the construction of drainable pit latrines, installation of water tanks, conducting of hygiene lessons and protection of spring wells.

Due to the precarious water and sanitation situation children face a number of preventable diseases like diarrhoea, skin infections, malaria and worms.

Namina Primary School, a public school with no religious affiliation, is located in Seeta Nazigo Parish in Nakisunga Sub-County, and has 450 pupils. At this school RTC UK funded the construction of a drainable pit latrine, a 10,000 litre water tank was installed and hygiene lessons were given to all the school population.

A meeting with Namina School’s Management Committee was conducted which helped to plan the construction of the latrines and involve community members. Through this meeting Reach the Children and community members agreed that the community would collect water, cook food and provide accommodation for the workers. Reach the Children recognises the value of working with community members and local leaders to build trust and achieve lasting results.

The Inspector General of Education was present for the official opening of the new latrine and the guest of honour was the LCIII Chairman (Local Council). In his speech he said “This drainable pit latrine is the first and the best in all Nakisunga Sub-county; such facilities are not found in any public school in the district”. He further said “Namina Primary School is lucky to have such facilities, including a water tank, so the staff, pupils, School Management Committee and the community at large should maintain and take care of all these facilities”.