Malaria devastates lives for life

Karen is 2 years and 11 months old, and she is deaf.  A year ago she was able to speak and hear, and then she contracted cerebral malaria. Now she cannot hear even when you are behind her and clap or shout.  Karen was taken to hospital for treatment; an ENT specialist said she would be fine but Joan, her mother, still cannot see any improvement.  Karen can say a few words but cannot construct sentences.  You can see scars in her ears and when Joan tries to clean them they still bleed.

Joan and Karen are two of the many individuals who are supported by YOPDIDA in Kayunga, Uganda.

Malaria and the more serious cerebral malaria, are easily avoided when children sleep beneath treated mosquito nets at night. To help reduce the number of children suffering like Karen, make a donation to buy a treated mosquito net, which costs £5 sterling, by going to our Just Giving page at

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