Making an impact on young sports fanatics in Uganda

In a heart-warming move, two UK-based charities have come together to bring joy to the lives of impoverished youth in Uganda by donating football and NFL sports kits! 

We have joined forces with KitAid Charity to help budding football fans in rural, impoverished communities enjoy more playtime and sports with other local children and young adults. The initiative, which is part of our ongoing efforts to improve the lives of underprivileged children in East Africa, has already seen the distribution of sports kits to various youth teams in rural villages. These kits include football jerseys, shorts, NFL jerseys, and other sporting equipment like balls, pumps, and referee whistle sets.

Team photo of football (soccer) players in white, red and orange colours standng on a mud ground in front of a simple brick structure.

Sky FC was started in 2019, with the aim of bringing the youths of Mbuya, Uganda together through sports. They started by playing in every tournament that was organised in Mbuya by Local Authorities. Now, they are playing in the 5th Division, and with the new kit delivered to them by our RTC volunteers, they are really looking and playing the part.

Spire Lions (for under 8s) enjoy playing rugby, and they play in different tournaments organised by their community leaders which is a great opportunity. However, they didn’t have the matching kit or suitable equipment for their games. Like Crocs (an under 16s team), they were gifted with NFL kits that were donated to KitAid and transported to Uganda by our founder, Ray Botterell. 

Team of simling children wearing black NFL jerseys and holding yellow and green balls. The Black tops have wildcats printed on.All the teams we visited play both football and rugby and now, with the NFL kits and balls, these teams will be able to try something new and also play the games they love!

Speaking about the project, Ray said: “We are thrilled to be working with KitAid Charity on this project. We believe that every child has the right to play and participate in sports, regardless of their background or economic situation. We hope that our contribution will help these young people to enjoy more playtime and build a brighter future for themselves.

None of this would’ve been possible without the support of KitAid, who have been instrumental in providing sports kits to children and young people in need across the globe. The organisation’s experience and expertise in this area have been invaluable in raising clothing donations that we have then been able to transport and distribute to the village teams who need them.”

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