Luwero Borehole

This has been a substantial investment from Reach the Children UK and America, providing basic water and power infrastructure for the 15 acre Luwero Centre which is owned and managed by Reach the Children Uganda. Their Board of Trustees includes two of Uganda’s successful female entrepreneurs.

The borehole is completed and the liner is installed at Luwero centre of Reach the Children Uganda, a registered NGO. The test supply indicates the borehole will yield a flow of water at a rate of 1.5M3/hour from a borehole depth of 57metres. The static water level is 12 metres from ground level. A final report is awaited to confirm the water quality and mineral content. Photographs show the initial pump test and building works for the tower stand and pump house.

The borehole will provide a pumped supply to a raised platform tank, which will improve water pressure for irrigation and process uses. The subterranean water source provides certainty to crop planting and irrigation management. This compares with waiting for the rains to come before planting seeds etc, then hoping for rain at strategic times in the gestation cycle of the seed. Crop management with controlled irrigation brings routine into land husbandry, improving crop quality and harvest yields. To find out more about opportunities at Luwero Centre, including our Grandmas Gardens project, contact Ronnie Kyambadde

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