Let’s hear it for the boys

The local community is always pleased to assist Reach the Children on its Luwero Centre projects, none more so than the local boys who always get stuck into whatever work has to be done. They should be in school getting an education but sadly their families cannot afford to pay school fees.  Helping to mix concrete then pushing wheel barrows full of concrete to the base, it was a full day of hard work. We at Reach the Children are always very grateful for all the help members of the community give. Getting the base laid means the generator could be located and provide electrical power and light for the benefit of the Centre and the wider community.  RTC paid the boys for their labour but we need more funds to enable the boys to have an education; if we don’t, the cycle of poverty and deprivation will continue so let’s hear it for the boys and make a donation to help us fund a vocational centre to give the boys a trade to earn a living and care for a family.

Thank you.

Donate today and make a difference at www.justgiving.com/reachthechildren