Find the Grandmas’ pineapple fruit on ‘virtual’ shelves!

If you’ve been following us on social media, you’ll know that we recently launched our dried pineapple snack and it is now ready to buy online!

You can get your pouches of lovingly dried Ugandan pineapple delivered straight to your door, either by Amazon Prime delivery or hand-packaged by our team and popped in the post with a thank you card.

The dried pineapple we sell is still juicy and deliciously nutritious because it is gently dried. The drying facility is local to where the pineapples are grown by the grandmas who run this Community-Based Organisation. But the best bit is that every purchase allows us to send money straight back to the grandmas and their families.

Photo of pineapple cupcakes with a bag of From Grandmas Gardens. Perfect for snacking and baking!

Not only is it a fair farming model, we also invest the profits into buying more land and materials for the grandmas to grow more varieties of fruits and fresh produce and provide training in agriculture and food production.

We’ve recently partnered with Makerere University Kampala, Uganda, to run expert training for the grandmas to learn more about processing their fruits in the new drying facility that was finished last year. This social enterprise is all set-up to put the power of community farming into the hands of the local families and help them to build a long-lasting change that will benefit generations to come.

We’re incredibly passionate about this project and the fact that we can help to sell this dried fruit product on the UK market, maximizing the market value for each pineapple fruit compared to selling the fresh fruit on local markets in rural Luwero. We’re currently working hard behind the scenes to share this product with more and more people in UK and we hope you will help us! You can make a difference by trying a pouch for yourself, sharing some with your friends and family, and spreading the word on social media. Thank you for your support.

Find From Grandmas Gardens Dried Pineapple on Amazon.

Check out our online shop for more information, and short videos about the story behind the brand. Simply add three or more pouches to your basket for free shipping!

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