Collaborating with local University to provide more training for Grandmas Gardens

We are delighted to announce a collaborative arrangement has been agreed with The School of Food Technology, Nutrition and Bioengineering at Makerere University Kampala, Uganda to train and mentor through our Grandmas Gardens dried pineapple project. The School will give access and training to the grandmas in its extensive food technology pilot plant as well as on-site training at the drying facility near Luwero. Reach the Children Uganda will liaise between the Grandmas Community Based Organisation and the School of Food Technology. Dr Abel Atukwase PhD, the Dean, has kindly agreed to engage the School’s Masters students in the training and research to optimise the heat pump drying technology for product quality and energy conservation. Currently, the team has submitted an application for a funding award sponsored by GCRF AgriFood Innovation Awards Round 3 part of Innovate UK. Such collaborations are imperative to bring supply chain value to the farm gate and obviate female economic discrimination.

For more information about our ‘From Grandmas Gardens Dried Pineapple’ and the Grandmas Gardens Project visit our project page.

woman wearing a hairnet and gloves prepared slices of pineapple on a metal tray.large pineapple standing upright on a concrete step with a person in wellie boots standing behind in the distance.A mound of pineapple suckers (baby plants) ready to be planted in the field for our Grandmas Gardens project

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