Collaborating charities support schools in Kenya

The Thika Alumni Trust, a charitable organization dedicated to providing IT resources to schools, has received a generous donation of 14 laptops from our friends at Service Express, a company committed to making a positive impact. These laptops, preloaded with essential lessons and educational software, will play a pivotal role in supporting teachers and enhancing the learning experience for countless students in Kenya. This connection between Service Express and Thika Alumni Trust came about when our founder, Ray, met Thika Chairman, Harpul, at an event run by KitAid, another fantastic charity we work closely with.
Education is a fundamental right, yet many schools in Kenya face significant challenges, especially in terms of access to technology. The Thika Alumni Trust recognise this critical need and embarked on a mission to bridge the digital divide in these underserved communities. The impact of this collaboration goes beyond the provision of laptops. These devices will be preloaded with carefully curated educational materials and software, tailored to complement the school curricula. This strategic move will empower teachers to deliver lessons more effectively, incorporating digital tools and interactive content.
The Thika Chairman, Harpul Punia, and his wife Liz (pictured with the laptop), have been instrumental in championing equal education in Kenya, a right that we are also passionate about as we have expanded our ‘I Told My Story’ writing competition across East African schools. The collaboration we’ve been involved with between Service Express, Thika Alumni Trust, and KitAid serves as a shining example of what can be achieved when businesses and organisations unite for a shared purpose.
We can’t wait to team up with these incredible charities and businesses again for even more projects in the future. Watch this space and keep up to date on our social media – did you know, we are now on Threads and Tik Tok?

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