Abundant harvest

The posho mill is now up and running in Western Kenya and is proving a great success.

Only the best quality cultivated maize is bought from the local farmers and sun dried to a specific moisture content in readiness to be sent to the Miller, where it is processed into super grade 1 maize flour to make the finest ugali. The maize is hulled to remove the kernel from the cob along with the outer coat which is processed for animal feed. Maize is bought in bulk at harvest time when prices are low, helping to keep raw material costs down. Super quality grade 1 is highly prized since it makes the lightest ugali, a dough eaten with vegetables and meat – the staple diet for many Kenyans. When the mill is not milling product for sale it is used to grind local maize brought to the mill by the local villagers for personal use, as a service to the community.  To purchase super grade 1 maize flour email jastus_suchi@yahoo.com  Country Director of Reach the Children Kenya, a registered CBO.

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