A Maasai wedding

At Reach the Children we try very hard to make it a special occasion for all our volunteers. John and Nina rose to the occasion at the close of a very busy expedition when it was suggested they get married with a traditional Maasai wedding ceremony. RTC UK quickly contacted the local Maasai village chief to say a couple of muzungus (white folk) wanted to get married in a Maasai village. With fee agreed, the day set, and the celebrations arranged, a very traditional Maasai wedding was had. John is an honorary member of the Maasai tribe and subject to the tribal elders who blessed the union in ochre (traditionally bull’s blood!), milk and a little spittle. If ever the couple have a falling out (heaven forbid) the tribal elders will hold a council to decide the tribe’s solution. But we are pleased to say the couple are still very much committed and love each other. Nina and John have been very supportive of Reach the Children UK for many years, giving unstintingly of their time, talents and funds to its programmes.