A Letter to you…

This is a letter we will be sending out to potential donors to reach the Children UK. Feel free to share with anyone who would be interested

Reach the Children UK was registered in 2004 as a children’s charity, dedicated to providing opportunities for impoverished children in rural African communities to become self-reliant by strengthening families, neighbourhoods and communities.

Our projects include provision of clean water springs, modern latrines in schools, opportunities for education and skills training as well as providing primary first aid training in schools where there are no easily reached clinics or medical facilities.  RTC UK also engages with a number of organisations dedicated to working with children who have physical impairments and special needs. Our Grandmas Gardens projects provide land, seeds, tools and technical advice to the caregiving Grandmothers whose children have died and left numbers of their grandchildren to raise, feed and educate.

RTC UK recognises the unique role that women of Africa play in their communities and proactively supports empowering girls through education, removing impediments to achieving skill sets, enabling employment as trained artisans and craftswomen. In addition to providing opportunities for higher education, which will benefit civil society, it is appreciated that women of Africa are the catalysts that keep communities working together for the benefit of all.

Our all new website, www.reachthechildren.org.uk, and videos on YouTube show the extent of the work RTC UK does to make real improvements in the lives of under privileged children living in remote parts of Africa, creating opportunities for personal growth and progression. You will see first-hand how far we go to reach the children.

RTC UK provides opportunities for volunteers to work in the communities where it is engaged, affording one to one experiences working with families and neighbourhoods to improve the health and wellbeing of impoverished children. Our conduct protocol defines that it is always unacceptable for a child to experience abuse of any kind.

Furthermore, RTC UK co-ordinates with its in-country partners to help determine which children, schools and communities are most in need of help to initiate sustainable local projects.

So far we have identified a number of viable social enterprises that generate not only opportunities to provide some employment but also an income stream that is dedicated to funding charitable programmes to reach the children by directly improving health and wellbeing, as the fundamental blocks upon which a sound education is founded.

This year we are looking to raise £75,000 to continue and expand our projects supporting children and families most in need, and would be grateful if you would consider supporting the work of RTC UK by making a donation towards the outstanding work the charity is doing amongst Africa’s impoverished children.

If you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact me.


Ray Botterell
Reach the Children UK


A registered Children’s Charity No. 110858